Rochester Place needed to change hosting companies. 

They approached Webtemple, looking to move their website to a new host, within a short timeframe.


Upon analyzing their existing website we discovered opportunities to increase their online visibility along with the move. 

We performed a competitive keyword research, identifying organic opportunities, and re-designed the website, re-aligning it with a new organic search strategy. 

When building their new website, we placed focus on the mobile experience and usability, by conducting UX studies and research, in order to design the best mobile experience possible. 

We then provided key stakeholders with social media consulting, assisting with the consolidation and management of their business listings, reviews and social media accounts. 


New Website Visitors
+ 0 %
+ 0 %
Bounce Rate
- 0 %

Comparison date: 2020 season vs 2019 season.

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