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Mengrai Gourmet Thai is one of the best Thai Restaurants in Toronto Ontario. Iron Chef Sasi Meechai has been recognized as one of Canada’s best Thai chefs. 

Frequented by celebrities such as Samuel L. Jackson, Jackie Chan, Jessica Alba and Mick Jagger, Mengrai Thai is renowned for its memorable taste and extremely friendly atmosphere.

The owners of the restaurant have established a very tight relationship with their customers and their neighbourhood. Due to their increasing popularity, this relationship could not scale properly, with the owners being tied to the phone constantly answering reservation requests.  

A solution was needed to allow the owners to remove themselves from the restaurant every once in a while, in order to run their charity.


We began by freeing up 30% of their time, by automating the reservations process. The process allows owners to manage their reservations through their Google Calendar, being able to intuitively access their reservations system on any platform.

We then deployed an industry-first cross-platform CRM, with the ability to track customer interactions between their restaurant website and charity website. The CRM is able to track website visits, reservations and other interactions, in order to facilitate knowledge sharing amongs the staff. 


Time Spent dealing with reservations
- 0 %
+ 0 %
Bounce Rate
- 0 %

Interactive Reservation Process

The interactive reservation system allows visitors to pick a date and time and create a reservation. The system only displays available dates and times, and sends the client a confirmation email as well as a calendar invite. 

Behind the scenes, the reservation system populates the restaurant’s calendar, giving the entire team access to access the reservations. 

The reservation system picks random guests based on their calendar status and sends them a feedback survey.

The entire system integrates into the restaurant’s Hubspot CRM, allowing the restaurant to gather important data that will help them personalize each guests experience.

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