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Main Event Emblems is a Windsor Based Automotive Customization brand that shares one key value with Webtemple: Passion. 

For years they have created custom emblems allowing car and truck enthusiasts to customize their vehicles. We were tasked with creating a new website which would better illustrate the brand and allow for a more interactive purchasing process.


Our goal was to create a unique experience, that would both deliver the brand’s promise and values, as well as allow clients to visually customize their products before purchasing. 

Since a large percentage of their audience is mobile-based, we developed a mobile-focused website, which allows the visitors to easily and visually create their custom emblems. This resulted in a significant increase in customer engagement and ultimately sales. 

Emblem Customizer

Switching from standard eCommerce options to an easier to use WYSIWYG emblem designer allowed customers to better visualize the emblems they were looking to purchase.

"We're beyond satisfied with the quality of the work received for our new website. The Webtemple team have handled every request without delay and deal with issues very quickly. We will definitely be sticking with Webtemple!"
Dan Sprague
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