Website Maintenance

Keep ahead of the curve with Webtemple Maintain

Webtemple Maintain is a website maintenance service which incorporates hosting, support and updates into a predictable fixed monthly fee, allowing you to experiment more. 

We understand that success requires time and expertise. Our Webtemple Maintain service works as your around the clock web design and maintenance team so that you can focus on growing your business, while we focus on getting you the online exposure that you need in order to grow. Webtemple Maintain Covers the following:





Webtemple Maintain is capable of hosting a wide range of websites, ranging from simple presentation websites to e-learning, e-commerce, and even real estate websites syncing thousands of real estate listings each day. 

We built and standardized an effective and efficient environment, which allows us to combine superior design, blazing fast performance, high security as well as deep integration with marketing tools and custom services into a simple and robust managed solution. 

Our servers are deployed across Google Cloud Compute and are able to scale up and absorb surges in demand. With 24/7 uptime monitoring and a 15-minute resolution window, you can rest assured that your website will always be monitored and kept up, no matter what the internet throws at you. 


Websites are no longer static pages you can upload and forget about. Modern websites include advanced features such as Content Management Systems, SEO systems, forms with data capture and integrations, Blogging systems with commenting, login systems, and many more moving parts. 

As these components are constantly being upgraded, patched and sometimes retired, it is important to keep things up to date, in order to ensure that your website remains fast, functional and secure. 

We handle all aspects of maintaining and updating your website and offer you the functionality as a service.  

Predictable Support

We pride ourselves in professional and timely service. Based on the urgency of each task, we perform the work within the assigned time bracket. 

Security & Potential Downtime Events - 15 min
Urgent Tasks - 5 hours
High Priority - 1 business day
Normal Priority - 5 business days

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