What Small Businesses should know about GDPR

GDPR is rewriting how data sharing works on the internet, and many small businesses aren’t ready for it. While it’s okay not to understand the GDPR fully, let’s navigate through its most important principles, but also through the many ways Webtemple can help you comply with these new rules.


Google Maps announces new pricing

Google has just announced extensive changes to its Google Maps API platform for developers products. And by extensive, we mean shocking.

Guest Post

If Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery, What’s Theft?

Ross Johnson from Project Panorama discusses his recent experience with having his popular WordPress plugin illegally copied and sold by another company. In this article he describes how he was able to deal with the situation and the steps he took in protecting his intellectual property.

Lead Generating|Marketing Tips

Lead Generation vs Lead Capture

Lead generating is the overall process of generating leads through a website, while lead capture refers to the conversion of a visitor into a lead. This article describes both concepts in detail.


Dealing with bad reviews

f you are operating a business in the service industry or in the B2B sector, you undoubtedly heard that positive reviews are crucial for your business. But what happens when, despite your best effort to satisfy everyone, you get a negative review? How do you react? How do you make it go away?

Search Engine Optimization

On page SEO

On Page SEO can seem daunting at first, but is a small, easy to follow checklist, that is your first step and a prerequisite towards making sure your content ranks high.

Search Engine Optimization

Why you should be using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an indispensable tool to any online marketer. It gives you a detailed overview of what is happening on your website, so you can make informed decisions. Find out why you need it, and how to make the most use of the information you get.

Marketing Tips|Real Estate

9 steps to a successful Real Estate Blog

More than half of homebuyers purchase properties that they find on the internet, and blogging provides a great way to increase sales by boosting your website traffic.

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